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corporate history

Inland Press first saw life in as the in-house printing department for the Detroit Legal News which was founded in 1895. The newspaper published records of the many transactions and probate decisions that took place in the city and had become a vital source of information for Detroit's business and legal communities. With the paper's continued success the directors of the Detroit Legal News felt that the delays involved in using another periodical's printing services were no longer acceptable and decided to invest in their own printing equipment instead. They also decided to solicit outside printing jobs from the community as a way to offset the department's operational costs. The response from neighboring businesses was immediate and overwhelming, prompting the owners to double the department's printing capacity within the first few months in order to keep up with the flood of new printing jobs they were receiving. Satisfied customers spread the word and after several years of brisk business the directors of the Detroit Legal News decided that their rapidly growing printing business should have its own identity: Inland Press.

Inland Press has grown from an in-house printing department to one of metro Detroit's top printing firms thanks to our commitment to customer service. We are proud to have been part of Detroit for over five generations; consistently delivering on our promise of value and excellence for more than a hundred years. Here at Inland we understand that the key to continued success is based on providing unmatched customer service along with a quality job at a competitive price.


Our concepts of service, integrity and community partnership all serve to reinforce the importance of environmental awareness for Inland Press as a company. Because of this we have adopted a big picture view of our sustainability efforts, following the well known axiom of “think globally, act locally.” We promote the positive environmental aspects of print through PrintGrowsTrees.com as well as other national trade initiatives via chooseprint.org. In 2011 we replaced all of our lighting fixtures with high efficiency fluorescents, drastically reducing our energy consumption while simultaneously supporting the local economy by using Michigan made replacement components. We've also made great strides in our ongoing effort to make all aspects of our printing process more eco-friendly. We use soy-based inks, have digitized our proofing processes, recycle all paper byproducts and are always on the lookout for new ways to reduce chemical usage in the prepress stage of production. Inland Press is especially proud of our upcoming FSC certification. Our certification is possible due to the fact that the vast majority of our projects are produced on recycled paper with the remainder using paper from suppliers that have been confirmed by third-party auditors to be ecologically sound.


The right “people, skills, technology” (our motto), and great client communication is an award-winning combination.

Inland Press won two prestigious awards :

  • The People's Choice Award for printing and project coordination
  • The Ben Franklin Corporate Award for its leadership in the industry

These are awards based on the opinions (votes) of printers and print buyers in southeast Michigan. "To have our competitors and customers vote us the best means a lot to us. This wasn't a panel of judges, but colleagues who know us and our work well," says Inland President Brad Thompson.

These awards highlight Inland's century old tradition of investing in people, equipment and technology. The company was the first in southeast Michigan to interface with their clients' computer systems and it continues to harness technology in an effort to offer better products.



DEGC - Inland Press from Model D TV on Vimeo.